About Us

My story...

I've always loved pottery. As a young girl in elementary school, we would make pottery and every year my dad would get a new ash tray for Christmas! 

Since then, I've moved up from making ash trays to making things that I love, in my own style. 

I love the ocean, flowers and animals so you'll see much of these loves incorporated into many of  my pieces.  Always testing and playing with the clay to make Mugs, pots, vases, ornaments, bowls, plates, trays and other little fun trinkets.  I love creating something new that I think you'll like.  If I don't think you'll like it,  you won't see it! That's what's so fun about pottery!

 I'm thankful that so many of you like what I'm making and appreciate all of the kind words of encouragement. You all are awesome and I am truly blessed :)

What's up with the name?

Named after our two cocker spaniels puppies, Chloe and Moe (although our cat would argue that choice). They are now 2 years old and still crazy pups and our babies!  

How it's made

All of my items are hand made on a potters wheel or hand built, hand painted in my home studio from non toxic clays and lead free, food safe glazes. Pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe however I would recommend hand washing to insure a longer life to your piece.